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MBA takes part in Food Bank Summit in Mexico

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The Global Food Bank Network (GFN) is a global organization dedicated to fighting global hunger by establishing food banks and food bank networks in partner countries. Thus, GFN works to establish public-private partnerships to help redistribute food in a sustainable way to people suffering from hunger. Today MAPENDO BANQUE ALIMENTAIRE is part of this network of food banks managed by GFN. It is in this context that MBA representatives participated from March 19 to 23 in Mexico City, Mexico in the event organized by GFN in collaboration with the Mexican Association of Food Banks, which operates under the commercial name of Bancos de Alimentos de México (BAMX). Nearly 300 food bank leaders, social entrepreneurs, global corporate citizens and experts from more than 50 countries were present to reflect on how to build more resilient food systems in the long term. 3 days were devoted to workshops and 2 days to visits to local food banks.

Thanks to GFN, MAPENDO has been able to establish links that improve its viability

During the 3 days of workshops, participants worked together on their shared commitment to reducing hunger in their local communities. Through this event, MAPENDO BANQUE ALIMENTAIRE was able and continues to establish contacts between people working in food banks. Thanks to this meeting, MBA can capitalize on the experiences of other food banks and was able to improve its knowledge on in particular:
  • how to use technology to serve food recovery,
  • how to achieve lasting change by putting people first,
  • the global supply chain,
  • how emerging economic instruments can support efforts to reduce food loss and waste,
  • the role of a strong policy in reducing food loss and waste,
  • the impact of climate change and other crises on food systems and the increase in food insecurity.

 Food bank model

The Food Bank Leadership Institute (FBLI) Summit is an essential part of the GFN’s mission to reduce hunger in the world. By bringing together food bank representatives and stakeholders from around the world, GFN helps create connections that allow food banks and stakeholders to meet and exchange views and create connections that improve sustainability. food banks. Food banks are a recognized model for reducing food waste and feeding communities. Participants at the event focused on their shared commitment to reducing hunger in their local communities through the promotion of food banks.