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Mapendo Banque Alimentaire ASBL, MBA in acronym, is the very first food bank created in the DRC. The aim of the association is to collect as many food products as possible through donations and purchases in order to redistribute them to vulnerable people in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We therefore rely on products:

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The DRC is one of the most populous countries in Africa where the food situation remains critical. Several reasons can be put forward, but the most certain is the fact that the Congolese population lives in chronic poverty. Access to food remains a mystery for most Congolese. However, in view of the social imbalance, where some can easily get one or two meals a day, where the production of foodstuffs remains low, it seemed right to us to think of those who cannot have even a basic meal. MBA was thus created to overcome this food deficit by helping the needy.

The goal here is not only to buy food and redistribute it but rather to involve all those who can help in the fight against poverty and social rebalancing – which in fact is one of the missions of MBA. Our idea is therefore to get in touch with as many agencies as possible responsible for generating food products in order to be able to help the needy.



What we do

Célébrons la Journée Mondiale de la Justice Sociale avec Mapendo Banque Alimentaire de la RDC

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